Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yes, I Do Suck

I have seriously failed at updating lately. I'm in a very intense university program for the next 8 months that is seriously kicking my ass. Don't worry, I still have opinions, knitting projects, and recipes to share, but The Boyfriend is out of the country (so not much baking until he gets back), and I haven't had a chance to knit in over two weeks. After this week my workload should lighten up some and I should have a chance to get back to updating this regularly.

I'm trying to find time to read The God Delusion, and I am also now the proud owner of God Is Not Great and The Portable Atheist, so those should provide lots of atheist fodder. I also have a beautiful edition of On The Origin Of Species (a Boyfriend graduation gift!), The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, and The Ancestor's Tale to help me cope with not being immersed in biology for the next little while. I do have at least one more Nintendo washcloth in the works, hopefully two will be done by the end of the year (poll to be posted soon on which one to do next!). The lace sweater I'm designing is past the bust now and the neckline appears to be working. If I get to the armpits and find it is screwed up yet again, there will be a Sweater Design Odyssey entry for sure. I have a scarf most of the way finished as well - I'm usually a fairly monogamous knitter, but the difficulty level of the sweater has me becoming poly to save my sanity. However, now I'm finding that I'm not finishing the sweater because the scarf is easier. I really need to finish the scarf so I can focus on the sweater again.

Just so this post has something more than lame excuses, here's a link to the cinnamon roll recipe I made last week. They turned out great - I took them to class for my turn to bring an afternoon snack and they disappeared so quickly that I felt badly for not making more! Do NOT be intimidated by the use of yeast. The instructions are really easy to follow and they were fun to make, if a little messy.

Not to worry - I'm still alive and I'll be back to at least weekly postings soon.

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  1. Quite great books you read. Don't you think the more you read, the more you have questions?