Monday, July 27, 2009

Toad Washcloth!

I know, it's about time I got this up, since I finished it about a month ago.

But here it is:
It's the Toad Washcloth!


The finished product is 44 stitches wide and 61 rows long, just like the others, and is also worked from right to left instead of from bottom to top.

CO 44 stitches. Knit three rows. The next row (row 4) will be a WS row and the first row of the pattern chart (click to enlarge):

Start and end every row with K2. For the 40 stitches in between the edge stitches, follow the chart. Blank spaces are knit stitches for RS rows and purl stitches for WS rows. Dots are purl stitches for RS rows and knit stitches for WS rows.

After the chart is finished, you should be about to start a RS row. Knit this row and the next two (three rows total), then BO with knit stitches.

Toad is just so helpless and lovable. He's so cute that you just want to pinch his cheeks!


(Psst! Looking for the other Mario-gang washcloth designs? There are also Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and Boo patterns available!)


  1. hi
    do you have Princess Daisy's washcloths pattern?I have already finished the Luigi one and I really want to knit Princess Daisy one.Thanks for your sharing!Your washcloths are amazing.

  2. Thank you so much!! I am always excited to see a new one of these posted!

  3. Hi, just wanted to show you a washcloth i made for my friend which was in part inspired by your mario washcloths, i had a go at a very simple, and pretty novice-looking mario star, but my friend was delighted and is looking forward to the princess peach one i promised her from your collection!

  4. I'm actually fairly sure that link won't work now lol, but thanks for the patterns! keep them coming!

  5. Hi i was wondering if you take requests to create patterns? I love your toad washcloth and my bf and i are huge mario fans, do you think you could create or know where to find a pattern to knit a small mario mushroom or Toad toy that is not done in the round? (i'm not yet that experienced) . If not, no worries, I'm still going to knit your washcloths!