Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sweater Design Odyssey, Part 2

So, yesterday I took the sweater apart and started over. But I didn't cry and I didn't slam my head into walls. At first, I thought I might do both those things; I initially was frogging several rows of hard work because I failed to pay attention to my own decreasing notes. However, once I got the work off the needles, I tried it onto my hips and discovered that I could have fit a third bum cheek in the space the sweater bottom wanted to enclose. And I am not a skinny girl. So, in a way, screwing up the decreasing to the waist made me catch a much more devastating and much more important problem that I might not have otherwise noticed until I got to the armpits. Silver lining on the dark cloud of moronic mistakes, I suppose.

Did I mention that I'm terrible at picking up stitches (especially lace stitches) onto the needles again once they're off? Before I realized that I was making myself a maternity sweater, I was ready for tears because putting it back on the needles after frogging was an exercise in futility. I freaking hate yarn overs. Thank goodness I ended up starting over, or else there may have been a balled-up pile of bamboo yarn in the corner rather than a reborn sweater on new needles. I was that close to giving up on this project.

Before I totally tore it apart, though, I was smart: I measured gauge again. I found that it was significantly different on the circulars than it had been on my little gauge swatch (what the point of that was, then, I don't know), and then recalculated everything. That, plus the re-planning, took several hours and I failed to do the laundry again as a result. The boyfriend is going to run out of clean socks in short order, but he'll survive until my knitting crisis has gotten under control. Priorities, people, priorities.

Now I had to move onto a shorter circular needle set and cast on about 70% of the stitches I had before. I'm now on row 1. Again. Lessons learned: one, do gauge swatches for projects in the round in the round, and two, don't just talk about putting in a lifeline - freaking do it! Just because one repeat goes well doesn't mean you're not going to make a mess of things partway up from there. Especially if you're me.

Part 1 of this saga of trying to design and then knit a lace sweater can be found here.

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