Thursday, February 19, 2009

Princess Peach Washcloth!

Now that we have Mario and Luigi, what comes next? They need someone worth saving, of course! And that someone is the Princess.

It's the Princess Peach Washcloth!


This is the same size as the Mario and Luigi versions: 44 stitches wide and 61 rows long. As with the others, I went a little unorthodox on the charting and worked the raised-stitch pattern from right to left instead of from bottom to top. The photo above was based on a first draft of the chart, which I have since slightly modified to make the face part look nicer and to fix the weird way the hair-defining lines look. If I make a second cloth, I'll post a picture of the results of the better chart.

CO 44 stitches. Knit three rows. In the next row, follow K2, P40, K2, then knit one row. The next row (row 6) will be a WS row and the first row of the pattern chart (click to enlarge):

Start and end every row with K2. For the 40 stitches in between the edge stitches, follow the chart. Blank spaces are knit stitches for RS rows and purl stitches for WS rows. Dots are purl stitches for RS rows and knit stitches for WS rows.

After the chart is finished, you should be about to start a RS row. Knit this row. For the next (WS) row, follow K2, P40, K2. Knit the next 3 rows, then BO with knit stitches.

Compared to the Mario and Luigi patterns, this one is by far the easiest to knit with the simplest pattern (it's all that hair!). It is based on the same aesthetic that I used for those two patterns and so it complements them well.


(Psst! Looking for the other Mario-gang washcloth designs? There are also Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, and Boo patterns available!)


  1. just so you know, i'm gonna turn all these into a quilt of sorts for my boyfriend, so THANK YOU SO MUCH. he'll love it! if you'd like i can send you a picture when i'm done?

  2. Of course I would LOVE to see a picture! The patterns are really fun for me to make and there's another one on the way in a day or so. :)

  3. oh awesome, i'm excited!

  4. Thank you! My brother will absolutely love these!!