Friday, January 9, 2009

My First Sweater!

Today I completed the project that officially makes me a knitter: the first sweater. (And no, I did not invoke the Sweater Curse by making it for the boyfriend. If he's lucky, he'll get one next winter.) It was surprisingly simple: a tube with two little tubes dangling off of it. I don't think I've ever had so few ends to sew in. There is a major advantage to making things just one colour!

This is my Tempting sweater with a cable adaptation created by Catherine:

It's the Tempting Sweater with Cables!

The last photo didn't come out quite the right colour (I took it in a room with compact fluorescent light bulbs), but it's a good closeup of the cabled yoke. The other two photos represent the correct colour of the sweater.

I like the final product (though I'm still getting used to not hiking up the off-the-shoulder look), which I made one inch longer than the pattern suggested. I also extended the sleeves by an inch or so. Knitting it was incredibly boring, though... K2 P2 rib for 16 inches? Not my idea of a brain workout, and having to switch every two stitches from knitting to purling made the work go slower as well. I'm thinking about using the same principle of ribbing for stretch to make something less mind-numbing in the future. We'll see.

As for my next project, I'm not going to make the same mistake I made last year and start a scarf in January, only to finish it at the end of March when things are warming up. A toque, maybe, because it's faster than a scarf (and I really, really want to make one for myself with a Darwin fish on the front), but I'm mostly thinking about spring clothes next. But not having a project feels bizarre. I'd better get another one going soon, or else I might do something drastic, like lug the laundry down to the machines.

Overall, the sweater was very easy and produced something worth wearing. Hard to complain about that!

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