Monday, December 29, 2008

Scottie Washcloths!

Being a knitter herself, my mother always appreciates knitted gifts for the holidays, and this year I found a pattern that I thought was perfect: a dishcloth with a raised pattern of a scottie-breed dog on it. However, I am not a huge fan of raised patterns, and I didn't like some of the letter styles, so I downloaded some knitting chart software and converted the written pattern to an intarsia chart:

Using my altered chart, I made not one, not two, but six cloths. Then I decided to hide the less-pretty backs of the cloths by sewing them together in pairs. The result? Three thick, soft, bathroom-matching washcloths that my mom and my grandmother think are "too nice for washcloths".

Here are all six cloths:

Since my Tempting sweater project is slowly making me insane (it's the K2 P2 rib that goes on forever), it was a nice change to make projects that could be done in a day or two. I way overestimated the amount of black yarn I needed, though, so there may be some Mario and/or Luigi washcloths in my future too, just for fun.


  1. I like how you sewed them together, that's what always bothered me about intarsia, I would feel better about them being stronger and less likely to fall apart that way too. I am adding the link to your blog on the pattern site. Thanks.

  2. I love the scottie washcloths! I really like them done in black. Just what I am looking to try to make. Thank you.