Monday, December 1, 2008

Bye-bye Harper?

So I have been negligent in my political awareness lately and I'm finding out three days late about this.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain it in great detail right now, but this is the thought that is predominant for me right now:


This is exciting enough to make me feel a teensy bit better about my fellow Canadians' inability to see through the phony Harper exterior. He is too authoritarian, too unfriendly, too distant, and too wrapped up in his own agenda to bother to fix the economy. A coalition government? Not a bad solution. Dion is not threatening to the other parties, since he's on the way out, Layton is happy to have more influence, and Harper has pissed off Quebec enough that Duceppe is willing to side with them. It's an unusual set of circumstances that is creating some of the most interesting politics I've ever seen (to date, the winner for that was the floor-crossing maneuvers that passed the same-sex marriage bill, but this is bigger than that was).

The non-confidence vote is a week from today. Sometime before that, I'll explain the background of this and what it means for Canadians, as well as keeping us all up to date on the soon-to-appear Harper attack ads (seriously, doesn't this guy have any other tricks up his sleeve besides attacking his opponents' character?).

Woohoo! This time next week, Harper might be gone!

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