Monday, December 29, 2008

Atheist Quote of the Week 15

Faith does not give you the answers, it just stops you asking the questions.
~Frater Ravus

Asking questions with a constant desire for further understanding of the universe around us is what makes us human. Just because the answers religion provides seem easy and comforting does not mean that they are correct, and, ultimately, refusing to seek new evidence and learn more truth about the universe is possibly the most detrimental thing that could happen to a person, a society, or a nation. It leaves us with nothing but myth and superstition, and encourages the survival of the dimwitted and the easily led. Where would human society be if it was not for the nonconformists, the creative minds, the think-outside-the-box people, the open-minded scientists, the revolutionary thinkers, and the protesters? The minds of human beings can give us the tools to be fairer, kinder, smarter, and more innovative if we only allow people the chance to express their ideas and provide an environment where evidence and logic are required in order to make authoritative decisions. Most religions want us to blindly follow where they lead, living on "faith" and not on education. The last time we tried that, 90%+ of the people were illiterate, dissenters and people who came to unpopular conclusions were executed, and almost no progress was made for a thousand years.

Why do these people want to go back to a world of ignorance, misery, and faith when today we have a world of enlightenment, education, intelligence, equality, and reason? Faith is not worth it. Believing in some distant, invisible father-figure may make people feel less small and unimportant, but propping up insecurities is, frankly, an idiotic reason to ignore cold, hard facts in favour of being ignorant, uneducated, and insistent on forcing your beliefs on everyone else.

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