Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CNN Bugs Me But I Watched It Anyway

Since CNN likes to go off on tangents, I'm going to use the free time between presidential electoral vote projections to post updates. All times are Eastern, since that's my time zone, and I started keeping track around 9:30 pm, although I was sort of watching while knitting before that.

Times the polls close in each state (Eastern).

9:35 pm: Ohio called for Obama; the Republicans have never won the presidency without Ohio before. Obama 194, McCain 69.

This is what the CNN projection of states looked like at 9:40 pm.

9:50 pm: Iowa projected for Obama. Obama 199, McCain 78. I don't care about Elizabeth Dole's never-ending speech about nothing that's going on right now. You lost, Liz. And you deserved to, after the way you demonized atheists in your attack ads. Congratulations Kay Hagan!

10:00 pm: Utah and Kansas projected for McCain. Obama 206, McCain 89. CNN is bugging me with the repeated use of the word "blogosphere". They keep using that word, but I don't think they have a clue what it means. It's the equivalent of them saying "pwned n00bs" or something and it sounds very awkward - just call them bloggers, will you? At least that's a word that's slipped into mainstream usage.

10:10 pm: Arkansas projected for McCain. Obama 207, McCain 95.

10:20 pm: Texas projected for McCain. Obama 207, McCain 129. They are talking to a commentator who is saying that Obama's race was less important in the election than McCain's age. I know that was certainly the case for me - I'm not afraid of McCain's policies, but I am terrified that, should he become president, that he would last a year or two and then die and leave us with Palin the Creationist nutcase. And of course I couldn't care less what race Obama is (really, race is such an arbitrary thing anyway in terms of actual genetic differences), but it is nice to see the US in the process of electing a minority that only 40ish years ago would have been scorned as an unnatural half-breed. I am concerned about the loony tunes trying to shoot him later, though. Hopefully that is just paranoia.

10:25 pm: Mississippi projected for McCain. Obama 207, McCain 135. The commentator is saying that it's "nearly impossible" for McCain to win the presidency now. Woohoo! Apparently at the Republican location where McCain will make a speech, they've been trying to hide the poor results since before Ohio was called, but in the age of BlackBerrys and such, that was a futile effort. They "do not see a path to victory" at this point even there, in the McCain inner circle.

10:35 pm: Electoral votes unchanged, but on the politics ticker at cnn.com I found the results of a poll based on religion:
Protestant (55% of voters surveyed): 53% McCain
Catholic (26% of voters surveyed): 53% Obama (surprisingly enough)
Jewish (2% of voters surveyed): 78% Obama
"None" (12% of voters surveyed): 76% Obama

Senate seat projections as of 10:45 pm.

10:45 pm: Same electoral projections as 10:25, but they cut to a sad-looking Sarah Palin party in Alaska. Suck it up, people. Creationism and anti-abortion ideas are a step back that Americans are not willing to make, apparently. Way to go Americans!

10:55 pm: Democratic majority in the Senate is predicted. They currently hold 54 seats.

House seat projections as of 10:55 pm.

11:00 pm: Virginia projected for Obama. Obama 220, McCain 135. Barack Obama is projected as the winner of the US presidency! Yay! Thank you, Americans! There is much cheering in the Obama camp, and I swear I heard crickets in the McCain camp.

11:15 pm: New projections are in. Obama 297, McCain 139. They are singing some song on CNN that I can't understand the words to, but it sounds nice and I feel a little emotional, since it's coming from Martin Luther King Jr.'s church. I haven't been proud of my American cousins in a long time, but I'm proud of them tonight.

11:20 pm: McCain and Palin are making their speech in Arizona. McCain apparently has already called Obama and congratulated him, and upon the boos that inspired (grow up, people), he silenced them very quickly and was absolutely as gracious as he could be in defeat. I was impressed with his acknowledgement of the importance of electing an African-American president, and his mention of the death of Obama's grandmother late Monday night in condolences. Thank goodness he didn't let Palin talk.

11:30 pm: Obama 333, McCain 155. Apparently Obama will give his speech at midnight.

This is the results map as of 11:40 pm.

11:45 pm: Obama 335, McCain 155. According to CNN, Bush invited Obama and his family to visit the White House "at [their] earliest convenience" by phone at about 11:12 pm.

12:00 am: Obama 338, McCain 156. Obama is making his speech in Chicago. He was gracious to McCain as well, which was nice, and he included gays in his list of the diversity of the nation. (I can only hope there is a national same-sex marriage legislation coming next year.) He seems interested in fixing health care and education, as well as the economy. He told an interesting story about a black woman 106 years old who has lived through women's suffrage, the civil rights movement, and two world wars, which I found truly inspiring. Now there's a woman who's seen the world change. Unfortunately, he still ended with "God bless America", but I'll wait to pass judgment on that until he implements some social policies. Just as with Palin, we didn't hear from Biden, but I suspect it was for every different reasons. Biden will have lots of opportunities to speak as Vice President.

12:15 am: House: Democrat 225. Republican 140, undetermined 70. Senate: Democrat 56, Republican 40, undecided 4. Electoral College: Obama 338, McCain 156, undecided 44.

12:25 am: So Barack Obama is the president-elect of the United States. Final numbers will be in first thing tomorrow morning, but there is no chance of any major change at this point.

Thank you, America. The rest of the world just cheered and cried with you, and I couldn't be more proud of my next-door neighbours.

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