Friday, October 31, 2008

Variegated Cabled Vest!

So it's Halloween and I have no plans - I'm not willing to brave the bars on Halloween in general, but when it falls on a Friday? Definitely not. So what have I done, in the absence of costume preparation?

I finished a knitting project! For me!

The Variegated Cabled Vest!

I got motivated and finished it this afternoon. I had to teach myself how to pick up stitches around the neckline and armholes properly (there were some early disasters while attempting to do that), but it still turned out well. I'm happy with the overall end product, but it over-emphasizes the flab at the waist a little more than I would like. (Oh well, maybe it'll be motivation to go for a run later.) The pattern can be found here, but be warned that there are some typos. They were mostly in the back section, and it was pretty clear that it wasn't intended to be that way. I figure they're pretty minor, since I could find them and adjust for them without frogging rows and getting angry.

I did need to add 16 stitches to the circumference to make sure it would fit, and I also made the sleeves longer by about 4 cm. I can't believe this is labelled M/L sizing - there is no way. I may not be stick-thin, but I'm 5'7" and I wear a size 12 (usually a large or sometimes a medium), and as written this would never fit me. Heck, with 36Cs it would sit way too high up on my body to fit me, regardless of the waist size, with sleeves that short. I liked that it measured everything in cm rather than rows because the gauge on the yarn the pattern author used was unusual, but it still was more like a size small, maybe a medium as written.

I was thinking that I'd be finished the vest by Christmas, but now it's done and I still have almost 2 months. That gives me time to get the dishcloths for Christmas done (and this year the projects are getting done in November, not Christmas Eve), and possibly my new sweater as well. We'll see.

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