Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No More Babies!

Well, at least no more baby stuff that needs to be knitted. I finally finished the toddler-size kimono dress for the little girl who will be 2 around Christmas.

May I present:
It's the Kimono Dress!

The pattern is one I found on Ravelry. I love variegated yarn, so it's not really a shock that I chose a pattern ideally suited to that sort of colour patterning. I chose the lavender for the accent because, while the variegation is mostly blue and green, there is that same colour in there as well as a more subtle part of it (it's mostly only visible in the photo right near the hem of the skirt).

It was actually a really fast knit. I didn't like the thick garter stitch around the sleeves and skirt bottom, so I reduced them to just a couple of rows. I also did 7 rows between increases, not 5, because I wanted it to be a bit longer. I wanted to make sure it fits, even with a diaper on.

Now that the summer/fall of knitting baby stuff is over, I've been able to start a new project for me. I'm making a vest out of a less wild variegated yarn, suitable for wearing over dress shirts. It has cables (and I have been missing my cables... I haven't used them since the DNA scarf:
with three cables knit in intarsia that I made for myself last winter). The vest only needs finishing on the neckline and armholes right now, but that may take a while. I've already had to knit and completely frog one armhole because it was painfully small. I've already adjusted the pattern for width, and now I see I'm going to have to adjust the armhole finishing as well. (I swear, my arms are really quite thin! I may have needed extra waist space, but as written the armholes are stick-figure tiny. And it wasn't the binding off either... even pre-binding off the armholes were way, way too small.) So much for an easy first adult vest/sweater/etc. project. But it looks great enough that I'm willing to work at it to get it right.

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