Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spiderman Baby Blanket

I'm not really into making washed-out-pastel baby stuff. I'm not totally against the idea, but why give babies such boring things? Babies like bright colours, and little boys grow out of powder blue pretty quickly. Why not make those babies something a little bit wild (because hey, they're babies and they have no say in how crazy it looks) and with a bit of a longer life? Something they might still like when they're 5 or 6 years old.

With that philosophy in mind, I present:
The Spiderman Blanket!

The pattern came from a very talented Finnish knitter who was kind enough to translate this truly awesome pattern into English for Ravelry. The blanket turned out huge (728 stitches were on my circular needles when I bound it off, after all) - about 130 cm (50") in diameter. Now that's something that's big enough for even a preschooler to be wrapped up in! I used a bright red and a bright blue soft acrylic with the black accents (the digital pictures just don't do the colours justice - think more vibrant), and it's adorable, yet cool enough that the kid just might like it for a few extra years as he grows up.

I learned to crochet for this project, because the lines radiating from the centre needed to be put on at the end. I tried teaching myself to crochet with Crochet for Dummies (hey, I mostly taught myself to knit with Knitting for Dummies), but my results were mediocre. My mother isn't much better at crochet than I am, but she is good enough to know how to do the lines, and she showed me how to do it. I think I made them a little too tight, but the blanket looks good, so I consider that a minor flaw in the completed piece.

Tomorrow the yarn store is open late and I can go get the yarn for the kimono dress and hopefully for something for me as well! I love those variegated yarns, and now tomorrow I get to buy two different ones!

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